Friday, 4 November 2011

Lets Fight Together


I don't want to talk about my tech math mark
or electronic workshop test this wednesday
Or final exam next week
It so disgusting me
nanti hilang smangat nk hadapi final exam
It can make me sad..nanti ade air mata yg bertakung..
sngt memalukan..huhuhu

Did I mention I HATE exams???
Sejk dri sekolh lagi aku benci exam??

I know U all hate it too
The WORST part is WAITING for exams to come..
The agony of studying and the anguish of waiting for that dreaded moment....urghhhh
getting very stress about the waiting part right?? >.<
 very constipated now (literally and metaphorically)

 Last night siapkan pra mini projek ngn B kat lab test smpai kul 12 malam..
Berkat Sir Muhyi bagi tnjuk ajar buat kali trakhir...
Buat pertama kalinya aku dapt uat sndiri n faham cam mana nk susun circuit tu..
wait2!!dan kenal komponent2 yg patut digunakan bila buat circuit...
At the final sem baru aku paham apa yang Sir ajar????
Kesian aku kan!!! ...T___T


Ermmm..To budak tu

Sbab kite sama2 nk hadapi final exam..
And U far from my eyes..

Belajar rajin2 tau..
Jangan tinggal solat..
Do the best in your exam..
Alhought we far from each other
Don't need to text me many message every night for this time..
Just study jer ok..
It's good enough if U Just wish may God bless me and good night to me every night..
I trust U and U trust me..
and don't look to any other girl there,,
Do it if U dare then,I sekeh kepale U..

Keep in mind
once seated in the exam hall, suddenly its all ok.
if u know how to write just write like a mad person fighting time.
if dunno what shit the question is asking then crap and lie naturally like eating rice and drinking water...
hahaha macam kita buat time SPM dulu..

pray for me.please?
i need tons of it =) <3<3

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