Friday, 26 April 2013


Why???  u____u

Wahai seorang bernama WANITA..
They are your babies...
Theye are shaped from your seeds..
When they in ur womb..
Your voices..
Your crying.. be their lulallby..

They are waiting to be born..
Becoz they wanna see you..see their Ibu...
but why..
You throw them like a trash..
Didn't you pity of them?
They cry..They coool..They hungry..
Where are you?
Why you do that?
They were not asked to be put on this world. you bring them..

Ibu..I love you..
I pray God give you heaven..
But why u didn't want me..??
Ayah splited on cry..
I cry too.
Even though you didn't hear me..
But again..
Why u didn't want me?.

Didn't you ever miss me??
Didnt you think that im cute?
I'm innocent..
I'm white..
I might be ligthing your dark life..
Didn't you think that?

If u keep raising me up..
I might be your savior..
Didn't u wanna see my smile?
It might be perfect smile as you Ibu..
I might be pretty women as you Ibu??
I might be somebody that you will be proud of..
But it just..
If u never did to me like this..
but you did Ibu...

I'm so sad..
Even kucing pun do loves their kids..
But you never did Ibu...

Thanks Ibu for throwing me like a rabbish..
At least..
I know you still assuming me as a THING..
You still know that im existed..
Even just a rubbish...
If you don't want me..
Why are you bore me??
If you don't dare to bear..

why you dare to do??
Don't you feel a bit guilt for me??

Don't you ever think about sin???

I don't hate you Ibu...ayah..
But Allah will...
I'll be safe and waiting for you there (heaven)...
But I'm not sure if you can see me again...

# derrrrr..berani buat, kene lah berani tanggung.. NO BALLS!!
Remember ...Allah always open the way of repentance to His slaves who do repent sincerely...
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Monday, 22 April 2013

Dia Lebih Tahu

Banyak perkara yang dipendam..
Banyak perkara nak diluahkan tapi tak terluah..
Banyak perkara nak diceritakan..
Banyak yg perlu dijelaskan..
Tapi tak berdaya...
Kalaulah mereka tahu..
Kalaulah mereka faham..

Tarik nafas panjang2...
Nor Azizah..Everything is gonna be fine..
"Biarlah disalah ertikan..
"Allah kan ada..
"Dia lebih tahu..
"Jika kita betul2 ikhlas..
"In sha Allah..
"Dia akan tolong...

Senyum..pretend happy...pujuk diri sendiri..
Aku dah lali dgn semua ni...

10.00 p.m
Penat..letih dgn drama skeliling yg X sudah..

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Monday, 8 April 2013

An Open Letter to My Future Daughter


If I get married one day *uhuk uhuk..batuk jap*,
And have a daughter,
I will pick a night with her and talk about love and life.

On that night I shall buy her a scarf, sit by her bedside and tell her this.
“My dear daughter, here is a scarf; wear it.
Now I know you are going to cringe and sulk right now, and you are going to ask why.
And you are going to expect me to lecture you about the justification from AnNur word by word, noun by noun.
But no, I’m not going to do that.
You can pick the Book later, anytime, and read it anywhere.
But I will tell you this—
wear it because you want to, not because you need to.

My dear daughter,
At one point in your life,
You will see your friends in latest trends and fashion.
You will see the popular and the pretty, always in their full-faced makeup, tiniest dresses, and colorful dresses.
How they are admired and seemingly loved by many, and you are tempted to follow them.
Wear normal, simple clothes.
Use minimal makeup, or none at all if you're still in school.
Don’t buy a brand because of its popularity, or to make yourself proud,
but buy it because you need to, because of its quality.

Now you may not get hoardes of admirers by being plain,
And you may spend many years loveless and lonely.
But don’t fret those who come to you either bearing friendship or courtship will be the more precious than diamonds and gold.
These are the people who see through all the plain clothes, the long scarves, and the unpainted face
and they see you, the real you.
And one more reason to be plain and unpretty that i need to tell you
it is the secret of persona.
If you spent your years breezing through the society--who worships your every word and fulfills your every whim
You will never learn how to build character.
You will never learn how to be funny, or smart or talkative to impress people you don’t like,
or how to be delegating to navigate difficult people, or how to keep strong when people turn you down; Because everybody will always bow down to you.

My dear,
Do not feel afraid to go against the flow.
If others are promiscuous, let it pass.
If others smoke, let it pass.
If others drink, let it pass.
Don’t go their way just to be accepted.
For being a mindless human is worse than being a lemming following its leader jumping off a cliff.
Be who you really are inside,
Let your personality show, be classy not sexy, be polite but firm.
Be friends with everyone, no matter how different they might seem.
And while others couple or engaged or married along the way and you are still single
remember that Allah save the best for the last.
The truth is nobody is ever alone in this universe.
Maybe he is a friend you know, maybe he is not ready because of certain circumstances,
Maybe his proposal is just around the corner and he’s waiting for the right moment!
Sometimes it’s better to wait it out and let the relationship grow
than just rush in greedily and regret it later.
I do believe the easier they claim of love,
the easier it goes away.
The hardest one to say love, is the one whom love is the strongest.
It’s like a boulder on the side of the road
The bigger they are, the harder to push.

My dear,
Remember that in the end,
It’s the journey that matters, not the finish line.
I know things like money, popularity, and puppy love seem important now,
but believe me, many years later you will see that it’s just an insignificant bump on the path of life.
Money will diminish,
Clothes will go out of style,
Popularity will wane, friendships and love comes and goes.
Don’t lose who you really are because when all the existential is gone,
Only what’s inside that will keep you living...

That's it,
with Love,

Your (future) Ummi...kui3 (^,.^)"

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Langit Terengganu

 Ku sentiasa rindu dingin waktu subuh..

Teratak usang yg selalu di minda...
Tringat kata2 ayah..
"Hidup sederhana xpa..janji bahagia"
"Buat apa hidup kaya tpi tidur tak lena, hati gelisah fikir pasal duit"

Argghhhh nak makan tringat rumah,
nk mandi tringat rumah,
nak tido pon tringat rumah..
Betapa tak bestttnyerrr hidup berjauhan dgn keluarga...