Friday, 27 January 2012

When U have no One to Blame


When you have no one to blame
Then who will you blame
For your suffering and your pain,
Would you blame it on GOD??
Though to me that would seem odd
But would you, or could you, blame GOD??

When you then begin to suffer
Over hate or pain or some other
And you cant blame it on one or another,
Who will you then decide
That made you suffer and then made you cry
Especially, with no one at your side.

Sometimes with no one at your side...

When you are there all alone
Inside of your empty home
And no one can hear you moan,
You are just there And for you no one does care
So... no one offers you a prayer.

When you have made a mistake
Maybe instead of giving you did take
Or maybe something, you did break,
Whose fault will it be In that part of your destiny

When you cant blame someone, or even me.
Then when you are getting old
And you are carrying a heavy load
And then you catch yourself a terrible cold,
Your family and friends are all gone
So... now there is just you, the one
So tell me, can you still continue on.??

Your cupboards are now all bare
And all you have is an empty chair
And in your mirror, you see and empty stare,
But now then comes that rain
And now who will you blame??
For all your suffering, and all your pain.

Don't blame any one inside U if U did a mistake
face your problem..then smile and smile...
Like Us!!! kui3 ^_^


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