Tuesday, 24 February 2015

24 Febuary

today 24 Febuary come again..
nothing special about this day.
there's only the blank space on my soul.
I'm lying on my bed and while scrolling down my instagram on my phone,
I got sudden anxiousness thinking about my future..
Lets say ten years from now and you noticed that the puzzle pieces is still not correctly matched or found. INHALE...EXHALE...fuhhhhh

for this 22 years I've live..
obviously I've facing loads of ups and downs..
I've learn that not all wishes will come true...
I've learn that I need to walk away with a new ambition and forget one that I've dreaming off..
I've learn to put a side my feeling just to make a way for someone get their happiness..
and I learn that creatures will always let you down
and all you gotta do is just ignore all the bullshit and keep moving forward.
Sometimes I found that I'm at the scary place, scary world, and I often wanna escape reality..
Runn...and run away..
How I wish I can go back to the time when the only man in my life was my "ayoh"..
and my only best friend was my "ma"
and my friends is my sisters and my brothers..

As time flying by,
ya Allah..
Kau maha pengasih maha penyayang..
semoga pabila kubuka mata esok hari,
datangkanlah khabar gembira buatku..
sekurang-kurangnya khabar yang boleh menenangkan hati dan melapangkan jiwaku..
for the better chapter of my life..

Selamat Hari Lahir Azizah
Good Night.
mimpi sweet2 ya!!

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