Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Art of Letting Go

It's already 28 December..
Day passes, life passes, just like that..
Only a few days before everything for 2014 ended.
Reflecting 2014,
all I can say its a year that went by so fast, maybe a little bit too fast. 
Its the year where I finished my diploma..
its the year where I felt so much pressure to the point where I gave up so many times 
but still learning how to get back up.
Its the year where i said I am going to accomplish great things
yet I felt I just wasted a time.
Its the year I cried over too many many pointless things, too many times.
It's the year I looked back on all of the lifetime memories in which I found myself missing people in them.
But it's also the year that I move on,
slowly and I found It's Ok.. 

I'm done finish my 6 month fashion design short course successfully.
6 month tough..its not easy but i enjoyed it..
Thanks to all my mentor..specially Cikgu Mastura, Cikgu Ayu, and Kak Natrah.
seriously I'll miss all of you after this..

I'll keep all the sweet memories..deep in my heart <3

with love,

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