Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Love Story


16 september 2012 at 11 something a.m..
My friend, Kak Bihah already MARRIED!!!!!
Barakallahu lakuma wabaraka 'alaikuma YA Ukhti :-D
wuuhuhhh cam tak caya je Kak Bihah dh jadi isteri org..
well Now no more Miss Nabihah..Mrs Nabihah OK =P

 beberapa minit terakhir sbelum bergelar isteri ;-)

  Cincin tunang disarungkan before akad nikah

this is the dup dap dup dap part ;-D

and dgn sekali Lafaz....

Praise be to Allah

Never couple..
No dating or what so on..
Never had love story before married..
They believe in Love after marriage that not everyone can get it..
And the day, They became a husband and wife with a joy and blissful..
May Allah bless them and together till Jannah...amin :-)



 p/s: if you love someone, protect the 'love' . Protect the sweetness and save your love story.
Choose someone to marry, not someone for you to only walk around and be happy...right?  :-)

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