Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dating with Girlfriends


Now , let's make it clear .
For now ( during final exam) , Blogging is the last choice Im going to work on when I'm really at the top of boredom.
You never know , How desperate I am to get back kampung. Keep on counting the days , two days more. Come on baby , I really NEED to be home.

But in three days before last paper sempat lagi hangout..hehe..Nota2 Digital pun ntah kemana..
Eh tipu.. I sempat lagi studi jap OK!!haha.. :-P
Well semalam keluar dengan makwe2 aku..Kak aina,Sarah,Yasarah dan Anis..
Girls only..No Boys OK!!!

Then...here we are at Putrajaya..Sempat lagi berpoya-poya lepas solat Asar...haihhh ^_^"

your 2nd sem is going to be end up soon..Yeahhh n______n  Be patient..
"Mom" wait for me..I'll go home :-)

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