Monday, 14 March 2016


so now Valid love in the final episode..
the show ended.
so that's mean I can't see Kim Joon(LeeSooHyuk anymore) ssoooobb ;(
I think Valid Love tried to tackle a topic of infidelity,
of the emotional kind, and show the human aspect of it.
There are no good guys or bad guys on this show
(other than those bystanders)
and I think the show was very true to that.
Instead of painting any sort of picture or pushing us to root for one couple over the other,
we’re presented with very flawed characters.
Being flawed will make you hate them, love them, and care for them, because they feel real.. 


1. Il Ri and Hee Tae talk to each other.

valid love4

They eat together. They cry together. They feel thankful and Il Ri stays the night.

2. Hee Tae thanks to Kim Joon

valid love3

Hee Tae walks into Kim Joon’s place so he can see the view.
If Il Ri stayed the night and things happened,
then for him to go to Kim Joon with an air to his step is kind of ballsy...
He thanks Kim Joon for letting him see his problems in a different..

3. Il Ri paints, which further signifies that she’s living her life again.

valid love2

Instead of sticking to the same dull colour of paint at work,
Il Ri gets inspired and decides to let her artistic expression all out and have fun with what she’s doing. And just like the flowers that are all blooming and vibrant with life,
Il Ri is finally letting go of pretending and experiencing life once again.

4. Kim Joon tells the woman who has been trying to see him to stop seeing him, she’s probably his mom.

Giving Kim Joon a family like this is nice, but I wish she would have shown up more often on this show. He’s been tied to Il Ri for so long that he didn’t have a story to call his own, so something like this would have helped him a great deal.
Il Ri had Hee Soo, Hee Tae had family problems and Sun Joo,
while Kim Joon’s only storyline involved Il Ri.
This would have added some really nice depth to his character if his mom showed up more often. He kept saying that he had no family, while being afraid of calling his immediate family, family. It would have been perfect.

5. Just like how Kim Joon got Hee Tae to meet with Il Ri,
Hee Tae did the same thing for him so he can say goodbye to Il Ri.

They may not be together, but the bromance here….. *wipes tear* If only.
The former affair couple smile as they say goodbye and then walk away from each other.
I wonder why Kim Joon has to leave, but oh well.
He’s going to be working with other people this time instead of by himself
so he won’t be so lonely there.

Yi Ri is leaving abroad for a year and tells Ki Tae to wait for her.
Miss Go and Mr. Jang share a meal together with
Hee Soo there with them.

Hee Tae then narrates the following quote,

“Is there an invalid love in the world? 
We’re weak enough to fall in any kind of love. 
We break and shatter because we’re weak, but grow bigger in the process. 
Is that why the silver of sunshine on the inevitable spring day is so welcome?” 

To answer your question,
there are some invalid loves in the world…
I just won’t mention it here because this isn’t the time or place.

And that’s the end.
We see another painting from Il Ri and just like last time,
there are tons of flowers in bloom around it...

valid love1

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