Friday, 26 April 2013


Why???  u____u

Wahai seorang bernama WANITA..
They are your babies...
Theye are shaped from your seeds..
When they in ur womb..
Your voices..
Your crying.. be their lulallby..

They are waiting to be born..
Becoz they wanna see you..see their Ibu...
but why..
You throw them like a trash..
Didn't you pity of them?
They cry..They coool..They hungry..
Where are you?
Why you do that?
They were not asked to be put on this world. you bring them..

Ibu..I love you..
I pray God give you heaven..
But why u didn't want me..??
Ayah splited on cry..
I cry too.
Even though you didn't hear me..
But again..
Why u didn't want me?.

Didn't you ever miss me??
Didnt you think that im cute?
I'm innocent..
I'm white..
I might be ligthing your dark life..
Didn't you think that?

If u keep raising me up..
I might be your savior..
Didn't u wanna see my smile?
It might be perfect smile as you Ibu..
I might be pretty women as you Ibu??
I might be somebody that you will be proud of..
But it just..
If u never did to me like this..
but you did Ibu...

I'm so sad..
Even kucing pun do loves their kids..
But you never did Ibu...

Thanks Ibu for throwing me like a rabbish..
At least..
I know you still assuming me as a THING..
You still know that im existed..
Even just a rubbish...
If you don't want me..
Why are you bore me??
If you don't dare to bear..

why you dare to do??
Don't you feel a bit guilt for me??

Don't you ever think about sin???

I don't hate you Ibu...ayah..
But Allah will...
I'll be safe and waiting for you there (heaven)...
But I'm not sure if you can see me again...

# derrrrr..berani buat, kene lah berani tanggung.. NO BALLS!!
Remember ...Allah always open the way of repentance to His slaves who do repent sincerely...
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